Step Aside Lower Mainland, Kelowna Maybe the Newest Place to Look at Real Estate

kelowna real estate investment

We know the housing market is active all over the country, but the real question is where to look for future investment growth potential.

The answer could be Kelowna!

According to the online Real Estate Investment firm Fundscaper, who’s real estate portfolio covers Canada and the US, after analyzing key performance indicators, such as population changes, employment and income levels, Fundscaper named Kelowna as one of the best places to invest in Canadian real estate.

In a recent press release Fundscaper explained that even though discussions tend to focus on Toronto and Vancouver, these markets are becoming incredibly expensive for the growing segment of those looking to invest in real estate.

They go on to state that Canada has many smaller markets with promising growth potential, and Kelowna has emerged as one of the markets to watch due to its high employment rates in construction and healthcare sectors, strong retail sector and robust healthcare economy.

While any investment research should be taken cautiously and with the guidance of experienced industry professionals, given Canada’s inflation surging to a 30 year high at a reported 4.8%, searching for the right location to invest in has never been more important.

Wherever this real estate market goes, it is important to consider every side of the equation and to look through all the research before investing… and if you decided to consider presale, then make sure the developer has an impeccable reputation and a long-standing history of delivering excellence.

So, do your research, attain professional assistance, and only invest what you can afford … and consider Canada’s smaller real estate markets as they have the potential for growth.